The patented GI Grow system is the only injection rotary garden that works by gravity. It allows to easily and efficiently growing indoors a wide variety of plants such as vegetables, herbs and flowers.


It operates on the drop-by-drop principle without recirculation of liquids thus generating no waste of fertilizer. This principle makes it very environmentally green. It allows a great saving of water and fertilizer since it is injected directly at the plant roots. It therefore becomes an eco system, easy to use, making possible to grow the value-added vegetables all year around, free of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide.


Ready for your organic crop!

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Its fertilization principle and its revolutionary shape help you optimize space and provides very competitive and safe farming results in warehouse.


The Gigrow has a very low carbon footprint, giving preference to a local production and a capacity to supply the markets all year long!

The Gigrow enables hyper ecological value-added farming without any pesticide, herbicide or fungicide!

Thanks to its patented design, it allows savings and more efficient energy use at a small, medium and very large scale, compared to all other types of farming.

An impressive growth rate.


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