High performance crop Farm!


An isolated warehouse 10 000 pi2 10 x 21pi high can produce 1.5 million plants per year with a crop ready in 30 days. You can stack up the machines on metal shelves for a great growing capacity in a closed and isolated warehouse.

Crop growing year round.


Enables local and continuous production


Locally produced, virtually avoiding transport cost, available on the shelves within 24hrs.


Supply lead-time known in advance ( what super markets and restaurants are dreaming of).


Returning customers throughout the year.


No delay due to bad weather.


Less risks of diseases due to rain and no sun dependency.


More equally looking products


Better control of medical crops with repeated results overcoming all other types of crops.


Production of certain high value added, demanding foods.


Enables niche crops.


Your insurance policy against climate change factors, drought, hail, etc ...


Automated harvesting.


Winter crops avoiding heating costs. (Depending on where the crop is grown and on building insulation quality).


Proven large-scale solutions



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