An Organic Crop!

The Gigrow provides an environmental friendly approach, as well as energy and water savings.

Gigrow operates a the patented drop-by-drop principle without recirculation of liquids. It accurately injects into each cube the amount of required liquid fertilizer, thus reducing the quantity of liquid needed for the growth compared to outdoor or greenhouse farming.

No need to weekly drain large amounts of contaminated fertilizer. Major economy of fertilizer compared to other rotating machines or other hydroponic systems.


This principle also brings less moisture which helps prevent the spread of insect pests and diseases. It enables an added value ecological production free of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide. Each slab is an independent garden which limits the spread of disease.


The indoor crop farming limits the threat of disease caused by rain and avoids sun dependency. It is your drought, hail and other climate change factors insurance.


4 times less light needed compared to a flat surface due to the rotating light uniformly distributed over the plants.


Possibility to recover the heat from the lights to heat during cold weather thus reducing heating costs.


Thanks to the warehouse principle, the system allows to produce locally all year around, reducing transportation costs.



Virtually zero carbon footprint compared to a greenhouse over 12 months of operation.


 Considerable space saving compared to other farming techniques. The standard model requires a space of 5.5 "x 6" (1,67m x 1,84m), which equals to a greenhouse with the dimensions of 5 'x 24' (7.3m 1,5mx)



Strong advantages of the Gigrow.



Young seedlings planted


Fast rooting of young shoots.


After growing  - directly to your plate.


Young seedlings planted in the Gigrow.


Rapid growth of plants

An impressive growth rate


day 12


day 1


day 20


A great range of plants

This is a simple illustration of all that you can grow in the Gigrow. The possibilities are endless. Hundreds of crops are possible. The Gigrow enables an easy growth of several high-value crops.



and much more...





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